Undetectable radar detectors – do they work?

If you are a driver who is passionate about breakneck speed then I am sure that you are familiar with a gadget called a radar detector. It is actually an illegal gadget that searches and identifies the radio frequencies emitted by the traffic radar guns placed mostly on the highways. This device is used by the people who want to be alerted in advance so that they are able to control their vehicle speed before they are handed a speeding ticket by the cop on duty.

With advancement in technology, the traffic radar guns are being upgraded with newest radio signals which are not yet detected by the radar detectors. The traffic cops are provided with the devices that are able to detect a radar detector. This might ring a bell to all the users of this gadget. Here is the information that answers your question – are radar detectors undetectable?

No, the radar detectors are not undetectable. The traffic cops can use radar detector detectors to catch the riders who carry the radar detectors, especially in those regions where its use is considered illegal. Traffic cops also use special radar guns that not only identify the rowdy drivers but also those of them who have a radar detector installed in their vehicle. With these advanced and updated radar guns, it will be difficult for the drivers to go undetected in front of traffic cops.


The reason for the radar detectors not being immune to the piercing detection of radar detector detectors is very obvious. It is the range of signals they themselves generate. All the radio detectors emit certain radio signals that bounce back after hitting a radar gun signal and report its presence to the driver. The radio frequency they use for this purpose can be detected by special gadgets the traffic cops use. They are definitely at an advantage over the fast drivers. The traffic cops get all the federal support to catch the culprits and keep filling the treasury with the ticket payments.


Some detectors claim complete invisibility for the RDDs. But before trusting on such assurances you must explore the information by yourself to validate these claims by reading reviews of authenticated buyers and users. You must check carefully about the frequencies that are used by these devices and when this technology was implemented. If it is latest then you can go ahead with the gadget. You must also check that which RDDs are launched to counter such claims and products. You need all this information to stay away from being ticketed.

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How to use a flat iron – my advice

Using a flat iron to get a gorgeous hairdo is not very difficult. It only takes a few careful steps to follow and you will get bouncy, voluminous and glossy hair.



Set the right temperature

First things first. Before styling your hair check with the accompanying user’s guide about the temperature setting and advice for different hair textures. As a general rule if your hair is damaged, fragile or thin, don’t torture your mane more than it can bear. Set the lowest temperature. But if you have coarse or thick hair set a high temperature to tame these unruly friends.




Moisten, detangle and apply a protection spray your hair

The second step is to get your hair ready for a new adventure – a new hairstyle. Moisten your hair, it will be better if you use a water spray bottle. Take a tooth comb and detangle them thoroughly. This is essential since you have to move the flat iron on the entire length of hair. If you don’t detangle them you will not get the look you desire. Now apply a generous amount of heat-protecting spray. It works as a protective sheet on hair to prevent any damage from a hot appliance.




Divide the hair into small sections

Now take small sections of hair and part them with hair styling clips. Once you start the straightening process, you will know how much hair section is enough for easy movement of the flat iron. The size of the heating plate is a guide for this.




Straighten hair upwards

Yes, that’s what you read. You don’t have to pull your hair down. It will give you limp hair. To add volume and bounce you must start from the roots and steadily move the flat iron towards the end while taking hair upwards. Repeat this process for a section till you are satisfied with the results.


Let the hair cool down

When you finish the entire sections wait for hair to cool down. This is an essential step if you want to get a glossy and longer-staying hairstyle because the hairdo will sustain only because of this cooling time.  Once you are done, you can comb and tie them as you want.


By following these steps you will get a glowing crown of hair. But to keep your flat iron ready for next use, ensure that you clean it thoroughly.  Wipe off the hair style products you used and any hair that got stuck to the iron. If you leave the flat iron unclean, you have to pay the price next time. An unclean flat iron will damage your hair.

All you need to do is find the right flat iron that matches your hair’s needs:  here you can find a few suggestions.

Vacuum cleaners- Corded or cordless?

There are a number of criteria and factors on which the vacuum cleaners can be evaluated and purchased. But the most important is how the vacuum cleaner is powered. I mean whether it is corded or cordless.


There can be many aspects related to this issue. Let’s explore them one by one.

Area to be cleaned

If you have a very limited space to clean then the cordless vacuum cleaner will be ideal. You don’t need the vacuum run for a long time. The fully charged battery will be enough for one round of cleaning. But, if you have a large home with numerous rooms to clean, a battery operated vacuum cleaner will run out of power before your finish your task. Here you will surely get an advantage with a corded vacuum cleaner. Your only limit will be the length of the cable.


Availability of plugs

If your house is relatively new then I am sure it will have power plugs at multiple locations. So, powering the vacuum cleaner will not be an issue. But in case your house has a limited number of plugs, you will appreciate a cordless cleaner that can reach every nook and corner of your home.

Well packed or spacious home

Our home is a guide to buy a vacuum cleaner. If you live in a well-packed home with a number of furniture items and other stuff then a cordless vacuum cleaner will be able to reach all the hard-to-reach places for cleaning.  In open homes with lesser stuff on the floor a corded vacuum cleaner will to its work efficiently.


Battery run-time

The duration of cleaning with a cordless vacuum cleaning depends on the time for which the battery lasts. A small charging capacity battery will leave the work unfinished before you charge it again and continue. This won’t be a case with your corded vacuum cleaner. If you do not feel hindered by the power cable following you and do not count this as a problem then get a corded vacuum cleaner.

Heavy or light cleaning

The best lightweight vacuum cleaners are more powerful than their cordless counterparts. Depending upon the frequency and the amount of cleaning you need to select the one which suits you best.



The corded vacuum cleaners have a longer life than the cordless models. If you are one of those homemakers who believe in “spending once and using for years” rule then get a corded vacuum cleaner. But if you love spend frequently on latest home appliances, then get the economical cordless vacuum cleaners.

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Is a point and shoot camera better than a phone camera?

One of the toughest questions to answer is whether a point and shoot camera are better than a phone camera. If you ask me this question, I would say Yes, I still believe a point and shoot camera is better than my Smartphone camera to shoot pictures. These pictures are an amazing reminder of the most memorable moments of my life.

I don’t deny the fact that Smartphones are easy to carry around. In fact, I would put it this way- Smartphones are always there with us whereas we have to carry along a camera only when it is required. The pinhead-size lens of the Smartphones will not be able to give the same quality of picture as that of a point and shoot camera.


A couple of years back, if you have asked me the same question, I would have probably said that Smartphone cameras are taking over the point and shoot cameras. But, in the last two years, the point and shoot camera have improved massively. Today, we have cameras that have the best sensor and have wide aperture lens. The surface area of the sensor offered by Canon Powershot G7 X is far better than that of the sensor offered by the iPhone.


Point and shoot cameras with high sensors make it easy to take fabulous pictures even if you are shooting in dim light. I take pictures with both my camera and my Smartphone in low light. I can see the striking difference in the quality of images and the pictures with a point and shoot camera always scores well in comparison.

Another interesting point I noted is that Smartphones have digital image stabilization. That means, the quality of the picture will be degraded. But in a point to shoot camera, optical or sensor-shift image stabilization is much more effective. Even my 6-year-old son is able to take very good quality photos using my point and shoot camera. The pictures with a camera survive any sudden shaking and quivering of hand.

et4The storage capacity of the camera is another factor that helped me decide in favor of the camera. Even though we have Smartphones that support a 64 GB memory card, if you use your phone for taking pictures, it will eat up the storage space and affect the overall performance of the Smartphone. Therefore, in my point of view, I feel that a point to shoot camera is better than a phone camera if the quality of images is your main concern.

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GPS navigation system or mobile app?

With Smartphones becoming smarter day by day and being held by almost every hand in the world, is it still wise to install a dedicated GPS device in your vehicle for navigation?


Let’s explore the answer to this question and find out what suits you and your pocket.


GPS everywhere

With every Smartphone coming with the GPS capability, it can work as efficiently as a dedicated GPS navigation system. In fact, the Smartphone is better in the reporting your location due to the omnipresence of cell towers. In some cases, a Smartphone may outperform your GPS system due to the faster navigational capability of the app that you have installed on your mobile phone.

Map data

Most of the Smartphones have preloaded map database like Google maps that are used by most of the apps to provide the navigational guidance. When you move to new location you definitely need an internet connection to get the updated information.  In the case of GPS navigation device, you get the entire map database. This device is dedicated to navigation so the manufacturers ensure that even if you are offline you still have all the guidance to move smoothly in a region. Most of the GPS manufacturers also offer lifetime free download of the mapping data.


Ease of use

The Smartphone lack here since their primary usage is communication. When you download a navigational app and use it as a navigational device, it may give you clearer and bigger screen, but other things like audio may not be very suitable for finding your way in the traffic. The GPS navigational system is specialized for this task, so you will always get clear and audible instructions, ease of mounting and longer battery charge makes it a better option if navigation is your basic need. I have experienced that the Smartphone battery runs out very quickly when used for navigation. If you are passing through a heavy traffic area, you may get stranded if your smartphone battery is used up.

Live traffic updates

With an internet connection, a Smartphone and the GPS device provide real-time information about the traffic ahead. Both are competent enough to save you from the areas which are currently not the best ones to drive through.



If you are looking for the best the best GPS it will definitely going to cost you more whereas you can download an app at minimal or no cost at all.

With this information, you can decide, whether you will go ahead with your Smartphone app or get a specialized GPS navigational system for your car.

How to find an affordable camcorder

I always wanted to own a good camcorder to capture the precious moments in life. After years of dreaming, I have decided to buy an affordable camcorder next month. As it is going to be my first camcorder, I have decided to go for an affordable one that must suit my budget of $300. I know it may be difficult to get a well-featured camcorder under $300, but as a beginner, I am ok with that.


Choosing the right brand is going to be a tough decision. There are many brands available on the market, so choosing the best but economical among them is difficult. Some of my friends told me to go for Canon whereas others suggested Panasonic as it is comparatively cheaper. Since my childhood, I am a huge fan of Sony, so I included Sony as an option. Before selecting the camcorder, I went to look for the best features offered by other brands and models under $300.

et9For me, the quality of the video is very important. I know have a limited budget to go for a 4K video quality camcorder, but I want a good HD quality. HD quality camcorders are capable of capturing quality videos with good voice recording. With high-quality optical zoom lenses, it is easy to take closer shots without compromising on the quality of the videos. Therefore, I decided to go for an HD quality camcorder.

The battery is something I am very much concerned about. I don’t want a camcorder that needs to be charged every now and then. So, I am determined to find a camcorder that has a good battery duration and allows me to use it at least one complete day without worrying about power.

As I am new to using the camcorder, I don’t want a high-end model that is very complicated to use. I want a user-friendly camcorder that is easy to use and carry around. I want my camcorder to be used with both hands, that means even though I am a right handed person, I want my camcorder to be used with the left hand as well. Recording and zooming should be easy and my camcorder should not take the time to power up. If you’re interested in some cool tips for using a camcorder, you can find them here.

Young couple in winter clothing using camcorder

After weeks of research, I have finally found a camcorder that meets all my requirements, that too under $300. After going through the manuals it appears to be the ideal camcorder I have always wished for. Wish me luck!