Finding a good mattress for relieving back pains

With a sensitive back and frequent back pains, sleeping on a wrong mattress can be very devastating. You can end up in severe pain and sleepless nights. If you are a frequent traveler, have long work hours or you have to keep standing most of the time, getting a right mattress is an emergency situation that you must not postpone  at any cost.


Before getting a mattress, have an appointment with your doctor and get a few important questions answered about the right mattress for you. These are some other suggestions that will help you in purchasing a mattress that helps in relieving the lower back pain.




Identify your sleeping style

Different persons feel comfortable in different sleeping postures. Prominent ones are back sleepers, side sleepers, and tummy sleepers. Each of these sleepers needs a different kind of mattress. The back sleepers need a mattress that supports the curve of the back, so it should not be very stiff or very soft. A medium one will do for them. The side sleepers need a mattress that can provide a cushion to hips and shoulders. It has to be soft. For down facing sleepers a firm mattress will provide the firmness needed by the soft belly.  Combination sleepers can select from soft to the medium mattress.




Material used in making the mattress

Most of the mattresses are made from coir, springs, foam and a quilted cover. It will be your concern to ask as well as check the quality and materials used in making the mattress you have chosen. A firm mattress is identified by strong springs that give just the right amount of cushioning. Whereas softer mattresses have lesser stiffness, more cushioning and foam that curves down under the body weight of sleeper.




Recommended by users and doctors

Once you have selected a mattress you can discuss with an orthopedician about your selection. You can read the reviews and feedback given by the users who are going through the same back problems as you are. This will give you an idea about the reliability of your purchase. No two persons can have the same experience with a product, but a bit of research and exploration will not hurt you. It will surely underscore your decision.

et6Back pain is a common ailment on a rise due to stressful lifestyle and lack of physical exercise. After you purchase a good mattress for relieving your back pain, you must follow a routine of exercising under guidance from an expert. Your goal must be to purchase a normal mattress next time!