GPS navigation system or mobile app?

With Smartphones becoming smarter day by day and being held by almost every hand in the world, is it still wise to install a dedicated GPS device in your vehicle for navigation?


Let’s explore the answer to this question and find out what suits you and your pocket.


GPS everywhere

With every Smartphone coming with the GPS capability, it can work as efficiently as a dedicated GPS navigation system. In fact, the Smartphone is better in the reporting your location due to the omnipresence of cell towers. In some cases, a Smartphone may outperform your GPS system due to the faster navigational capability of the app that you have installed on your mobile phone.

Map data

Most of the Smartphones have preloaded map database like Google maps that are used by most of the apps to provide the navigational guidance. When you move to new location you definitely need an internet connection to get the updated information.  In the case of GPS navigation device, you get the entire map database. This device is dedicated to navigation so the manufacturers ensure that even if you are offline you still have all the guidance to move smoothly in a region. Most of the GPS manufacturers also offer lifetime free download of the mapping data.


Ease of use

The Smartphone lack here since their primary usage is communication. When you download a navigational app and use it as a navigational device, it may give you clearer and bigger screen, but other things like audio may not be very suitable for finding your way in the traffic. The GPS navigational system is specialized for this task, so you will always get clear and audible instructions, ease of mounting and longer battery charge makes it a better option if navigation is your basic need. I have experienced that the Smartphone battery runs out very quickly when used for navigation. If you are passing through a heavy traffic area, you may get stranded if your smartphone battery is used up.

Live traffic updates

With an internet connection, a Smartphone and the GPS device provide real-time information about the traffic ahead. Both are competent enough to save you from the areas which are currently not the best ones to drive through.



If you are looking for the best the best GPS it will definitely going to cost you more whereas you can download an app at minimal or no cost at all.

With this information, you can decide, whether you will go ahead with your Smartphone app or get a specialized GPS navigational system for your car.