Safety considerations for baby cribs

Buying a baby crib by a first-time parent is a very exhaustive and pensive task. You will be leaving your baby in the care of an inanimate furniture item, so you must ensure that it is safe for your little one. The following are the safety considerations that are recommended to be carefully checked in a baby crib.

Safe and smooth edges

Most of the baby cribs are made from wooden or polyethene bars. If a baby is more than 10 months old she may try to stand by holding the bars. You must check that these bars do not have sharp, rough or uneven edges. The bars must be properly sanded and painted with a baby-safe varnish or paint.


Proper joints

If you are looking for the best baby crib, the joints must be clean – it’s a must. Carefully check that all the screws and nails are tightened properly. The crib must not be made with rusty nails or screws because it may spoil the mattress or other linen of the baby.




Keep the appropriate height

When you are around the baby, then you can adjust the crib height according to your convenience to pick the baby or put her to sleep. But when you are busy with some other chore, ensure that you keep the height of crib at such level that the baby should not be able to climb out.


Keep it minimal

Do not stuff the crib with extra pillows and soft toys. It will be too suffocating for the baby. If your baby is grown up, she may try to climb out of the crib by stacking all the pillows, cushions, and quilts you have kept for her protection. Do not hang too many toys above the crib.




Right inter-bar spacing

The space between bars must be from 2 to 3 inches so that baby does not fall off the crib accidently or gets her head trapped between them.




Fixed side rails

As the baby grows, she will be strong and will try to apply her newly learned skills to escape from the crib. To prevent such situations get a crib with fixed side rails.

These are a few suggestions to ensure the safety of your baby in a place where she spends her maximum time. She is in your care, so you must pay special attention to the mentioned things as well as to other aspects which your parental instincts warn you about.