Undetectable radar detectors – do they work?

If you are a driver who is passionate about breakneck speed then I am sure that you are familiar with a gadget called a radar detector. It is actually an illegal gadget that searches and identifies the radio frequencies emitted by the traffic radar guns placed mostly on the highways. This device is used by the people who want to be alerted in advance so that they are able to control their vehicle speed before they are handed a speeding ticket by the cop on duty.

With advancement in technology, the traffic radar guns are being upgraded with newest radio signals which are not yet detected by the radar detectors. The traffic cops are provided with the devices that are able to detect a radar detector. This might ring a bell to all the users of this gadget. Here is the information that answers your question – are radar detectors undetectable?

No, the radar detectors are not undetectable. The traffic cops can use radar detector detectors to catch the riders who carry the radar detectors, especially in those regions where its use is considered illegal. Traffic cops also use special radar guns that not only identify the rowdy drivers but also those of them who have a radar detector installed in their vehicle. With these advanced and updated radar guns, it will be difficult for the drivers to go undetected in front of traffic cops.


The reason for the radar detectors not being immune to the piercing detection of radar detector detectors is very obvious. It is the range of signals they themselves generate. All the radio detectors emit certain radio signals that bounce back after hitting a radar gun signal and report its presence to the driver. The radio frequency they use for this purpose can be detected by special gadgets the traffic cops use. They are definitely at an advantage over the fast drivers. The traffic cops get all the federal support to catch the culprits and keep filling the treasury with the ticket payments.


Some detectors claim complete invisibility for the RDDs. But before trusting on such assurances you must explore the information by yourself to validate these claims by reading reviews of authenticated buyers and users. You must check carefully about the frequencies that are used by these devices and when this technology was implemented. If it is latest then you can go ahead with the gadget. You must also check that which RDDs are launched to counter such claims and products. You need all this information to stay away from being ticketed.

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