How to use a flat iron – my advice

Using a flat iron to get a gorgeous hairdo is not very difficult. It only takes a few careful steps to follow and you will get bouncy, voluminous and glossy hair.



Set the right temperature

First things first. Before styling your hair check with the accompanying user’s guide about the temperature setting and advice for different hair textures. As a general rule if your hair is damaged, fragile or thin, don’t torture your mane more than it can bear. Set the lowest temperature. But if you have coarse or thick hair set a high temperature to tame these unruly friends.




Moisten, detangle and apply a protection spray your hair

The second step is to get your hair ready for a new adventure – a new hairstyle. Moisten your hair, it will be better if you use a water spray bottle. Take a tooth comb and detangle them thoroughly. This is essential since you have to move the flat iron on the entire length of hair. If you don’t detangle them you will not get the look you desire. Now apply a generous amount of heat-protecting spray. It works as a protective sheet on hair to prevent any damage from a hot appliance.




Divide the hair into small sections

Now take small sections of hair and part them with hair styling clips. Once you start the straightening process, you will know how much hair section is enough for easy movement of the flat iron. The size of the heating plate is a guide for this.




Straighten hair upwards

Yes, that’s what you read. You don’t have to pull your hair down. It will give you limp hair. To add volume and bounce you must start from the roots and steadily move the flat iron towards the end while taking hair upwards. Repeat this process for a section till you are satisfied with the results.


Let the hair cool down

When you finish the entire sections wait for hair to cool down. This is an essential step if you want to get a glossy and longer-staying hairstyle because the hairdo will sustain only because of this cooling time.  Once you are done, you can comb and tie them as you want.


By following these steps you will get a glowing crown of hair. But to keep your flat iron ready for next use, ensure that you clean it thoroughly.  Wipe off the hair style products you used and any hair that got stuck to the iron. If you leave the flat iron unclean, you have to pay the price next time. An unclean flat iron will damage your hair.

All you need to do is find the right flat iron that matches your hair’s needs:  here you can find a few suggestions.